Elements Of Truth (released Nov 2011) is Empirical's third album, and second with the current line-up of Nathaniel Facey alto saxophone, Shaney Forbes drums, Tom Farmer bass and Lewis Wright vibes.

They perform compositions and improvisations that express ideas taken from beyond music in a uniquely democratic style. Each member is given equal responsibility for the direction of the music in composition and in the moment of improvisation. It is this mixture of shared responsibility and openness that gives their music such a unique edge as they draw on influences from Film and TV, proverbs and sayings and even sports!

So while collectively they will acknowledge musical influences from the oblique sounds of Andrew Hill and Eric Dolphy’s sublime Out To Lunch, to the more contemporary stylings of Vijay Iyer or name check Wayne Shorter and Branford Marsalis it is their unique ability to express what they thing and feel on a range of ideas through the collaborative trial and error process of Jazz improvisation that makes them such a powerful group.